New Year’s Eve Rhubarb Slush

Every new year is a reason to make resolutions, to think about new projects and to try to be better. It is always a reason to make new friendships. Even the New Year's Party 2019 is a place where you can meet new people. It is why you should think of sending Happy New Year 2019 cards to all your friends, even if this only means to post a greeting card on their Facebook walls.

Rhubarb Slush – This drink must be made ahead of time during the summer when your rhubarb patch is still growing and put in the freezer for special occasions.

Thank You For All The Work And Trust On Us, We Are Looking Forward A New Year Filled With More Work And Opportunities From You. Happy New Year.

If I Could Reach Up And Hold A Star For Every Time You’Ve Made Me Smile, The Entire Evening Sky Would Be In The Palm Of My Hand. Happy New Year.

This Year Would Not Have Been Very Easy Without You Around. Thank You For Always Being There My Love.

Dear New Year, Please Let Me, My Family, My Colleague, My Clients & My Friends Br Just Happy This Time.

20 stalks of cleaned rhubarb, 1 cup of sugar and water to cover.

Vanish Everything That’S Bad, Welcome Everything That’S Good. Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2019.

May Your New Year Dawn Be….Peaceful And Bright. Full Of Hopes And Possibility !

Bring to a boil then simmer for one hour or until the rhubarb has cooked down. Then put in a freezer container and freeze until ready to use.

Let The Coming Year To Be Glorious One That Rewards All Your Future Endeavors With Success.

Here Wishing You A Happy Prosperous Fun Filled Joyful And Fortunate New Year Ahead.

Bring out frozen rhubarb and allow to thaw until slushy. Put rhubarb in a pitcher or punch bowl. Add ginger ale or seven-up to fill the pitcher and stir until you have a nice slush. Pour into festive glasses for your party and serve. It feels good to remember the warmth of summer when you drink this slush on a cold winter’s day.

If You Asked Me For My New Year Resolution, It Would Be To Find Out Who I Am.

Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow.

To make this drink may be updated for the holidays by adding champagne for a fun New Year’s Eve drink.

This Is A New Year, A New Beginning And Things Will Change.

Everyday Is A New Opportunity To Have A Fresh Start. Happy New Year 2019.

It does not hurt to send a Happy New year 2019 message to someone you didn't contact for a long time. What better reason to share a few nice words with a dear friend than the new year? 31 December is the day in which we leave the old grumpiness and everything that was bad in 2018 to wait the new year with a completely different mood. New year greeting cards are the best way to do that, as your mood is given by the happiness of the people you surround yourself with.